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Brand:  LVTOPSUN                    Model Number: 6-GFM-200
Cycle: Deep cycle                       Max DOD: 50%
Type: GEL                                   Capacity: 200Ah  
Size: 521*241*220mm                   Weight: 58kg
Application: UPS/Solar system



Long Shelf Life

A low self-discharge rate, up to approximately 3% per month, may allow storage of fully charged batteries for up to a year, depending on storage temperatures, before charging becomes critical.


Deep Discharge Recovery

Special separators, advanced plate composition and a carefully balanced electrolyte system ensure that the battery has the ability to recover from excessively deep discharge.


Low Pressure Valve Regulators

All batteries feature a series of low pressure one-way relief valves. These valves safely release any excessive accumulation of gas inside the battery and then reseal.


High Discharge Rate

Low internal resistance allows discharge currents of up to ten times the rated capacity of the battery. Relatively small batteries may thus be specified in applications requiring high peak currents.


Wide Operating Temperature Range

batteries may be discharged over a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to + 140°F) and charged at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F).


Rugged Construction

The high impact resistant battery case is made of nonconductive ABS plastic. The case materials impart great resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals and heat. Flame Retardant (FR) battery cases and lids are available where the end application dictates.


Long Service Life

Have a design life of up to 8 years in standby applications. In cyclical applications up to 1,000 charge/discharge cycles can be expected depending on average depth of discharge.


UPS power supply, Solar system ,Communication system,auto control system, electrical power system and etc.Product features:Floating charge in this design here lasts for over 12 years.">New alloy recipe sheeting is adopted here with anti corrosion and steady performance Reasonable ratio of electrolyte slows down the corrosion of the recipe, sheeting and prolongs the life service of the battery.


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